About Red Rose Roofing

Who we are and what we do

Here at Red Rose Roofing our roofing repair experts understand that damaged or faulty roofing can lead to leaks or severe weather damage if it is not fixed by a professional roofer. This is why we highly recommend you call in our roofing repair specialists as soon as you notice missing roof tiles or a leaking roof.

Let down by a local roofer i.e. unreliable? Not happy with the work carried out? Call us today so we can arrange for a free home visit / quotation and discuss your roofing needs.

We believe in quality for our customers and this is where we stand out from our competitors. All our work is guaranteed and customer satisfaction is our main priority.

One of the most popular materials used in the UK, especially on domestic homes, roof slates are the traditional roofing material alternatively there are roof tiles, these are a custom made product perfect for great roofs that go up quickly. Designed to make fitting faster than slate, we can provide a full range of slate or clay and concrete tiles to match any colour, locality or roofing budget. Working throughout the Northwest Red Rose Roofing slate & tile roofing services:

  • New build slate & tile roof installations and planning
  • Full preparatory works
  • Full and comprehensive roof slate & tile service
  • Slate & tiled roofing repairs and maintenance
  • Colour and environment matching service
  • Roofing accessories, includes finest fascias and guttering

Flat Roofing Service

Flat roofing is commonly used on property extensions, garages, porches or out buildings, you will find that there are a whole range of flat roofing systems available on the market but it is important that you choose one that has the all of the following properties:

  • Low Maintenance
  • 100% Weather Resistant
  • Will not fade over time
  • Tough & durable
  • Safe to install
  • Guaranteed for 20 years!

Fibreglass Flat Roofing

Many roofers offer the traditional felt flat roofing but this is not the best system available. At Red Rose Roofing we are able to offer our customers Fibreglass Flat Roofing (GRP Roofing) this system is guaranteed to last at least 3 times longer than traditional felt roofing. Fibreglass Flat Roofing (GRP Roofing) is easy to install and the installation process is very safe as it is a cold cure process which requires no heat or flames unlike a felt installation. If you would like us to help you with your flat roof then why not give us a call?

Our fibreglass roofing is the best solution on the market and is available at competitive prices!

Call us today for a free no-obligation quotation.


A roof should last many years but over time the fixings and slates / tiles become worn. Many older properties do not have a felt underlay this will cause considerable heat loss. If the slates/tiles have slipped and there are signs of dampness you may want to consider re-roofing. Re-roofing has the following benefits

  • Reduced heating costs
  • Improved weather resistance
  • Enhance the appearance of the building
  • Save on future maintenance costs

Slating / Tiling

Modern slating and tiling provides a long-term roof waterproofing solution that can be supplied in a wide range of looks and finishes for all buildings.

Slate is a natural product which is extremely hard wearing. It can be supplied in many different sizes and will have variations in colour and texture depending on where the slate is sourced from. This is the more traditional method for roofing

Tiles are made from concrete or clay and can be handmade or machine made which is more cost effective.

Ridge re-pointing

Pointing is extremely important, as the pointing is what protects the seals at the joint, which prevents water and debris from entering into you homes roof. Re-pointing is the process that we use remove old and damaged tiled roof pointing with a newly re-pointed tiled roof repair. At Red Rose Roofing we clean off your damaged tiled roof before repairing and repointing your tiled roof. This overcomes any contaminated area that are prone to mould, cracks or weathering from age.

Roof repairs

Whether you need broken slates/tiles repaired, replacement slates/tiles to replace missing ones, leaks patched, or moss removed via fungicide, then a Red Rose Roof repair is the service for you!


Lead works can be prone to splitting, falling out of place or simply just failing. At Red Rose Roofing all lead works are carried out uniquely to suit your roof. we only use the highest quality materials to ensure your roof is 100% watertight.

Chimney Repairs

Regular maintenance and repair are essential as your chimney ages, to ensure all combustion gases and fumes, which includes Carbon Monoxide, are extracted safely. This ensures your chimney remains robust and continues to stay efficient. The Red rose Roofing team can undertake any aspect of chimney repair, rebuilding or relining. They can quickly and efficiently resolve chimney problems to ensure minimum disruption to you and your home.

Dry verge

The Dry Verge Systems provide a strong, weathertight and maintenance free verge. Individual verge units retain the stepped appearance of a traditional mortar bedded verge while mechanically fixing the verge tiles. At Red Rose Roofing we can take care of all your dry verge requirements.

Dry ridge systems

Dry ridge refers to a method of mechanically fixing ridge tiles which are located at the apex of a roof without the use of traditional sand and cement mortar. Unlink traditional mortar there is nothing to maintain, mortar mixes will degrade over time, sometimes prematurely. Interested in dry ridges? Then contact Red Rose Roofing and one of the team will be happy to help.

PVC facias & gutterings

Tired and rotten fascias, soffits and broken guttering that can let in moisture and damp which can damage your roof structure. We can replace them with quality PVC to give your home a smart new look.

The sooner the roofing repair experts arrive to repair your roof, the better because you will save yourself lots of money, anxiety and stress by getting the roof repaired as quickly as possible.

Roof repairs are often caused by poor roof installations, unforeseen damage by trees, weather, objects, leaks, broken tiles and holes in the roof. All of these roofing repair issues are additional problems in life which cause additional stress and upset.

Contact us today and we will take that stress and upset away, we will take care of everything for you.

All work fully guaranteed & carried out by fully qualified tradesmen. Professional & reliable service guaranteed.